Family Trees

North Yorkshire Moors Branch     Descendants of John, son of Thomas BURNETT of Levisham.

This branch spread throughout the NorthYorkshire Moors area and into Whitby, County Durham, Scotland, Australia, Canada and the USA

Vale of Pickering Branch
     Descendants of Philip, son of Thomas BURNETT of Levisham.

Philip's descendants spread throughout the Vale of Pickering, into the East Riding of Yorkshire, down into Southern England and to Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

The Ripon Branch      BURNETT of Bishop Monkton

Several intertwined branches of the name exist in the Ripon area, notably around Bishop Monkton.

Vale of York Branch      BURNETT of Raskelf 
A long established branch of the name in Yorkshire with significant clusters in and around Raskelf and proven links with the City of York and Catton in the parish of Topcliffe near Thirsk.

Wensleydale Branch      Descendants of Thomas BURNETT of Preston under Scar
A branch of the name that appears to have established itself in Wensleydale in the mid 17th century

BURNITT of Knottingley     Descendants of Joseph BURNETT als BURNITT of Knottingley
This branch permanently adopted the variant spelling BURNITT in the mid 18th century

BURNETT of Otley     Descendants of Thomas BURNETT of Otley
A branch of the name established in Otley before 1580 and remained there for five generations.

BURNETT of Eryholme & Croft     Descendants of Robert BURNETT of Eryholme
Robertís descendants married well and established links with a number of titled families, including PENNYMAN of Ormesby and SMITHSON of Moulton. Dr Thomas BURNETT, master of the Charterhouse School in London and chaplain to King William III was a member of this branch.

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