Descendants of Philip BURNETT of Levisham

During the early 18th century an alehouse-keeper named Thomas BURNETT raised a family of at least four children at Levisham, near Pickering. One of these children, son John, became an innkeeper at Egton; he married there and established one branch of the family. Another son, Philip, became a maltster. Philip also married and established another branch of the family, which spread throughout the Vale of Pickering and beyond. The baptism records for Philip's siblings provide convincing evidence that BURNAND was a local variant of BURNETT and though Philip's baptism record has not survived he is mentioned in other, later records which show, not only that he was a son of Thomas BURNETT, but also provide further, more conclusive evidence that BURNAND was a local variant of BURNETT. Given this, it is almost certain that the alehouse keeper Thomas BURNETT was a descendant of Robert BURNAND, recorded in the parish register of nearby Lockton, who was very probably one and the same person as Robert BURNETT, listed in Hearth Tax returns as a householder, in Lockton, in 1673. Unfortunately, the survival rate of records for the villages of Levisham and Lockton is very poor, and it has so far proved impossible to take this line any further back than Thomas, with any degree of certainty. This family tree shows the descendants of his son Philip BURNETT; the descendants of Philip's brother John are contained in a separate file – the "North Yorkshire Moors Branch"


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