Descendants of Robert BURNETT of Eryholme


A branch of the name was already established in the parish of Eryholme in North Yorkshire by the early 16th century. Members of this family also held land and property at Dalton on Tees, Croft and Stokesley in Yorkshire, and at Hurworth and Dinsdale in County Durham. The earliest member of this family for whom information has been found was Robert BURNETT of Hill House, Eryholme and he is the ‘root’ancestor for this family tree.

There is considerable evidence that certain members of this family adopted the surname BARNETT and continued to use that name from about the middle of the 17th century.  The descendants of these individuals have not been thoroughly researched.  The parish register for Eryholme contains no reference to either surname after 1675 and the parish register for Croft no reference after 1703.

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