BURNETT in Yorkshire

Wills and Administrations 1901 - 1941

Date given in italics indicates that grant of probate or administration was more than one year after death. Entries marked with ** indicate an 'out of county' event where the individual had known origins in Yorkshire.

Ayscough Burnett
of Queen Street, Owthorne, refreshment-house keeper, died 9 Jan 1901.  Administration York, 9 Jan 1901, to Jane Burnett, widow. 

Thomas Burnett of Rossington, Doncaster, died 19 Jun 1901. Probate Wakefield, 9 Oct 1901 to Caleb Kilner, glass-bottle manufacturer and George William Roberts, chartered accountant.

George Burnett
of 42 Church Street, Barnsley, died 8 Jul 1902. Probate Wakefield, 28 Jul 1902 to Joseph Burnett and George Burnett, painters and decorators, and Henry Burnett, paper hangings dealer.

William Burnett of Bielby, died 25 Jun 1902.  Probate York, 7 Jul 1902 to Samuel Burnett, farmer, and Atkinson Braithwaite, farmer. 

Elizabeth Burnett
of Brookfield Place, Headingly, Leeds, widow, died 19 Apr 1903.  Probate  London, 15 Jun 1903 to Charles Walter Snell, insurance agent.

Frederick Joseph Burnett of the Asylum, Bootham, died 22 May 1903.  Probate  London, 22 Jun 1903 to Ellen Maud Burnett, widow.

George Burnett of 3 Squires Yard, Wortley Road, Armley, Leeds, died 8 Mar 1903.  Administration Wakefield, 25 May 1903 to Young Murgatroyd, master tailor.

Martha Hoy Burnett of 47 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, widow, died 15 Jun 1903.  Administration Wakefield, 9 Jul 1903 to Frederick William Burnett, physician & surgeon. 

Annie Burnett
of Ure Bank Tce, Ripon, spinster, died 17 Oct 1904.  Probate Wakefield, 5 Nov 1904 to Mary Martha Burnett, spinster. 

Emma Burnett of 92 Procter Tce, Paley Road, Bradford, wife of John Burnett, died 10 Feb 1900. Administration  London, 27 Jun 1904, to Richard William Burnett, stuff-presser. 

John Burnett of 92 Procter Tce, Paley Road, Bradford, died 10 Dec 1900. Administration  London, 11 Jun 1904, to Richard William Burnett, stuff-presser.

Mary Burnett of 2 Norwood Tce, Headingley, Leeds, widow, died 28 Jun 1904. Probate Wakefield, 9 Aug 1904 to Albert Edward Hutton, surgeon. 

Thomas Burnett of 81 Church Street, Whitby, fruit & provisions merchant's manager, died 9 Apr 1904. Administration York, 25 Apr 1904, to William George Burnett, fruit & provisions merchant’s manager.

Samuel Burnett
of Newbiggin, Hornsea, died 18 Mar 1905.  Probate  London, 15 Apr 1905 to Caroline Burnett, widow. 

Mary Martha Burnett
of Ure Bank Tce, Ripon, spinster, died 18 Dec 1905.  Administration (with will) Wakefield, 26 Feb 1906, to Emma Mapplebeck (wife of Ephraim Mapplebeck).

Thomas Burnett of Green Lane, Whitby, died 1 May 1906.  Probate York, 25 Jul 1906, to Robert Burnett and John Hassell Burnett, farmers. 

Whitfield Thompson Burnett
of 44 St. Paul's Road, Middlesbrough, died 15 Jul 1907.  Probate  London, 8 Oct 1907 to John Henry Lowery, shipping clerk and George Foster Pratt, grocer. 

William Burnett of 16 Muchison Street, Scarborough, plumber, died 31 Dec 1906. Probate York, 12 Jan 1907, to Hannah Burnett, spinster.

Mary Ellen Burnett
of Selbourne Villas, Manningham, Bradford, widow, died 29 Dec 1907.  Probate  London, 29 Feb 1908, to John Gerald Francis Burnett, commercial clerk and Henry King Burnett, vitriol manufacturer. 

William Burnett of Kingston upon Hull, died 13 Aug 1908 at Odessa, Russia.  Administration  London, 26 Oct 1908, to Hannah Elizabeth Burnett, widow.

John Burnett
of East Keswick, farmer, died 17 May 1909. Probate Wakefield, 21 Sep 1909, to Mary Ann Burnett, widow, Tom Burnett and Arthur Burnett, farmers, and Fred Burnett, draper.

Robert Burnett of Burton Leonard, died 16 Aug 1909. Administration  London, 20 Sep 1909, to Sarah Burnett, widow.

William Burnett of Brearton, died 16 May 1909. Probate Wakefield, 11 Jun 1909, to Emma Morrell, widow.

Richard Burnett
of 21 Hunsley Street, Grimesthorpe, Sheffield, died 29 Jun 1910. Probate  London, 26 Aug 1910, to Sarah Burnett, widow.

Mary Ellen Burnett
of Abysinnia Tce, Leeds, spinster, died 22 sep 1911. Probate Wakefield, 20 Oct 1911, to George Wilkinson, foreman moulder.

Sarah Burnett of Lane Ends Farm, Horsforth. Leeds, spinster, died 5 Nov 1910. Administration Wakefield, 12 Jan 1911, to Robert Burnett, farmer. 

Albert Edward Burnitt
of 6 Chaucer Street, Kingston upon Hull, died on or since 7 Nov 1911 at some place unknown.  Administration  London, 19 Sep 1912 to Susannah Burnett, widow.

John William Burnett of 56 Saville Place, Leeds, coach builder, died 8 Aug 1912. Probate Wakefield, 31 Oct 1912 Mary Ann Burnett, widow and James Arthur Priestley, estate agent.

William Jackson Burnitt of 37 Severn Street, Kingston upon Hull, died 6 May 1912.  Admons (with will) granted at  London, 1 Jun 1912 to Mary Jane Burnett, widow. 

John Burnett
of Cleveland Place, Wisewood, Ecclesfield, Sheffield, died 13 May 1913.  Probate Wakefield, 19 Jun 1913 to George Henry Jackson, spring knife cutler and John Froggatt Burnett, shop assistant. 

Philip Burnett of Hovingham, died 23 Apr 1913. Probate York, 28 May 1913 to Philip Burnett, farmer, and James Morgan Barrett, laundry proprieter.

Joseph Burnett** of Egton Tce, Birtley, Durham, died 18 Mar 1913. Probate Durham, 24 May 1913 to Elizabeth Burnett, widow and John Sutton Burnett, builder & contractor.

Edward Joseph Burnett**
of Esk Tce. Birtley, Durham, died 1 Jul 1914. Probate Durham, 2 Sep 1914 to Jane Eleanor Burnett, widow. 

Elizabeth Burnett of Bank Top Farm, Constable Burton, Finghall, widow, died 25 May 1914. Probate  London, 30 Sep 1914 to Jane Ake (wife of Henry Ake) and Isaac Dinsdale, fruit merchant’s clerk. 

Gaunt Albert Burnett of Holywell House, Shadwell, Thorner, died 6 Oct 1914. Probate Wakefield, 4 Nov 1914 to Arthur Burnett, chauffeur and Ernest Burnett, builder.

John Burnett of Newholm, Whitby, died 11 Mar 1914. Administration York, 15 May 1914 to Sarah Jane Burnett, widow. 

Joseph Burnett of 16 West View, Barnsley, died 9 Sep 1914. Administration Wakefield 1914 to Alice Lucy Esther Burnett, widow. 

Richard Burnett of 4 St. Barnabus Tce, Walcott Street, Kingston upon Hull, died 10 Dec 1914 at the Workhouse Infirmary, Hull. Probate York, 21 Dec 1914 to Alice Maltby (wife of Richard Henry Maltby). 

Thomas Humphrey Burnett of 13 Glass House Street, Hunslet, Leeds, died 20 Nov 1913.  Probate Wakefield, 20 May 1914 to Ann Elizabeth Burnett, widow and Herbert Pawson, butcher.


John Burnett of Whitby, died 4 Apr 1915.  Administration York, 16 Oct 1915, to Mary Burnett, widow and Halder Burnett farmer. 




Annie Hamilton Burnett of 11 Mornington Cres, Harrogate, widow, died 11 May 1916.  Administration London 30 Jun 1916 to George Roy Burnett, cadet lance corporal in H.M. Army. 


Charles Burnett of 48 Clive Road, Middlesbrough, died 4 Feb 1916 at 46 Prince Rupert Road, Well Hall, Eltham, Kent.  Administration London 19 Feb 1916 to Rosa Jardine (wife of Richard Jabez Jardine). 


George Burnett of Whitby, died 28 Dec 1915,  Probate York, 28 Jan 1916, to Robert Burnett, gardener, and Joseph Burnett, rigger. 




Ann Elizabeth Burnett of 13 Glasshouse St. Hunslet, Leeds, widow, died 29 May 1916.  Probate Wakefield 11 Dec 1917 to Harry Burnett, lithograher & Ethel Wilson (wife of Hostler [sic] Wilson). 


George Burnett of “Woodburn”, Meadowfield Rd, Bridlington, died 16 Jul 1915 at Salisbury St, Barnsley.  Probate London 12 Dec 1917 to Henry BURNETT, musician & William Henry Cadman, cashier. 


James Burnett of 10 Edward St, Saltaire in Shipley, died 31 Mar 1917.  Probate London 28 Apr 1917 to Elizabeth Burnett, spinster.

(Further grant 8 Mar 1918 to Tillotson Burnett, private Royal Fusiliers Frontiersmen)


Squire Burnett of South View Rd, East Bierley, Bradford, died 14 Aug 1916.  Probate Wakefield 20 Mar 1917 to George Burnett, engineer’s fitter. 


Thomas Burnett of Halton, Leeds, died 18 Mar 1917.  Probate Wakefield 16 Apr 1917 to Annie Louisa Burnett, widow. 


Thomas Burnett of Preston under Scar, Wensley, Yorkshire died 2 Mar 1917. Probate granted London, 28 Mar 1917, to John Thomas Willis, corn dealer and Thomas Miller, stone mason.


Walter Burnett of Kensington House, Pannal Ash, Harrogate, died 18 Oct 1916.  Administration Wakefield 30 Mar 1917 to Percy Burnett, solicitor. 




James Burnett of 10 Edward Street, Saltaire, Shipley, died 31 Mar 1917.  Double probate granted London 8 Mar 1918 to Tillotson Burnett, Pvte Royal Fusiliers Frontiersmen.  (Former grant Apr 1917)


Mary Burnett of Ricall, widow, died 3 Sep 1918.  Probate York 14 Sep 1918 to Mary Hannah Thompson (wife of Matthew Thompson) 




Charles Edward Burnett of 17 Hird St, Beeston Hill, Leeds, died 1 Apr 1919.  Administration Wakefield 7 May 1919 to Mabel Burnett, widow. 


Clara Elizabeth Burnett of Moor House, Shadwell, Leeds, widow, died 7 Sep 1919.  Administration London 27 Sep 1919 to James Carmi Burnett, policeman. 


Frank Burnett of Knowles Farm, Hawsker, York’s, died 13 Mar 1919.  Administration (limited) London, 14 Jul 1919, to Robinson Harland, builder’s manager. 


Reginald Burnett of 20 Providence Tce, Harrogate, died 22 Mar 1919.  Administration London 14 May 1919 to Christopher Burnett, railway porter. 


Samuel Burnett of the Brick Hotel, 376 Tong Rd, Wortley, Leeds, died 15 Dec 1918.  Administration Wakefield 21 Jan 1919 to Sarah Jane Burnett, widow. 


Sarah Burnett of 56 Bowman Street, Darlington, widow, died 11 Mar 1919.  Probate Durham, 8 May 1919, to Charlotte Mary Jobson, widow, and Jane Annie Burnett, spinster.


William Burnett of 88 York St, Wakefield, died 15 Feb 1919.  Probate Wakefield 31 Mar 1919 to John Almgill, draper. 


William Burnett of Brearton, died 16 May 1919.  Probate Wakefield 11 Jun 1919 to Emma Morrell, widow. 




Edith Burnett of The Retreat, Butt lane, Beverley, Yorkshire and of The School House, Sheldwick, near Faversham, Kent, spinster, died 16 Jan 1920 at the National Cancer Hospital, Fulham Road, Middlesex.  Administration London 30 Jul 1920 to William Burnett, retired coachman.


Elizabeth Ann Burnett of 343 South Boulevard, Kingston upon Hull, widow, died 19 Sep 1920. Probate London 29 Oct 1920 to John Thomas Chambers, caterer.


George Alexander Rainy Burnett of 43 Westbourne Ave, Kingston upon Hull, died 9 Mar 1920. Probate London, 8 Sep 1920, to William Parker, engineer.


Thomas Burnett of 9 Wentworth Road, York, died 1 Dec 1919. Probate York, 15 Jan 1920 to Revd. Joseph Locke, clerk, and Wilfred Henry Simpson, solicitor.




John Burnett of Ashes Farm, Caldberg, Coverham, Yorkshire, died 1 Feb 1921.

Probate London, 8 Jun 1921, to Edwin Burnett and Francis John Batty, labourers.


Margaret Burnett of 69 William Street, Kingston upon Hull (wife of James Burnett),  died 3 Apr 1921 at The Infirmary, 188 Albanay Road, Kingston upon Hull.  Administration 12 May 1921 to the said James Burnett, lighterman.


Mary Ann Burnett of Manor Farm, East Keswick,  widow, died 14 Aug 1921.  Probate at Wakefield 19 Sep 1921 to Arthur Burnett, farmer, and John Burnett, cloth buyer.  


Peter Burnett of 47 Crossland Street, Crossland, Huddersfield, died 24 Nov 1921. Probate Wakefield, 28 Dec 1921, to William Spencer, iron turner and Benjamin Schofield, labourer.


Siddall Burnett of 671 Huddersfield Road, Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, died 2 Sep 1921.  Probate London, 12 Nov 1921 to Mary Elizabeth Burnett, widow, Albert Burnett, contractor and Fred Burnett, leather strap maker.


William Burnett of 60 Murchison Street, Scarborough,, died 8 Feb 1921.  Probate at York, 2 Mar 1921, to Clara Emma Burnett, spinster.  




Ananais Burnett of Co-operative Buildings, Bradford Road, Drighlington, Yorkshire died 5 Apr 1922. Probate Wakefield 22 Nov 1922 to Mary Isabel Burnett, widow.  

Campbell Burnett
of 80 Broxholme Lane, Doncaster, died 6 Sep 1922.  Administration London 21 Oct 1922 to Agnes Burnett, widow.


Harry Burnett of 58 Pear Street, Halifax, died 22 Feb 1922. Administration London 23 Mar 1922 to Eliza Burnett, widow.


James Thomas Burnett of 34 Columbus Ravine, Scarborough, died 4 Sep 1922. Probate York 16 Sep 1922 to Daisy Annie Burnett and Margaret Marian Burnett, spinsters.


Martha Ann Burnett of 39 Dark lane, Batley, Yorkshire, widow, died 27 Jun 1922. Probate Wakefield 18 Dec 1922 to George Burnett, mechanic, and Richard Smith Burnett, woollen overlooker.


William Burnett of 13 Princess Road, Ripon, died 22 Feb 1922.  Probate Wakefield, 15 May 1922, to Jane Burnett, widow.




Mary Burnett of 145 Borough Road, Middlesbrough, spinster, died on or about 11 Jan 1923.  Confirmation of Esther Nichol or Melville.  Sealed London 2 May 1923.


William Burnett of 446 Huddersfield Road, Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, died 15 Apr 1923. Administration London 7 May 1923 to Catherine Hannah Burnett, widow.




Fred Burnett of Mount Farm, Rawdon, Yorkshire, died 22 May 1924.  Administration London 18 Oct 1924 to Ada Asquith, widow, and Asa Burnett, labourer.


James Burnett of 40 Smithie’s, Moor Lane, Birstal, died 25 Oct 1923. Probate Wakefield 2 Jun 1924 to David Burnett, power loom tuner.


Mary Jane Burnett of 20 Rillbank Avenue, Leeds, spinster, died 7 Mar 1924.  Administration Wakefield 7 Aug 1924 to Elizabeth Burnett, spinster.




Charles Burnett of 3 Cliff Street, New Marske, Yorkshire, died 18 Mar 1925. Administration (with will) London 25 Apr 1925 to Jane Burnett, widow.


Elizabeth Burnett** of Egton Terrace, Birtley, Co. Durham, widow, died 13 Mar 1925.

Probate Durham 22 Jun 1925 to Annie Burnett, spinster.


Richard Lees Burnett of 16 Sydenham Place, Bradford, died 1 Mar 1925.  Probate Wakefield 2 Apr 1925 to Ethel Lucy Staton (wife of German Staton).


William Burnett of 48 Newcomen Street, Coatham, Redcar, Yorkshire, died 17 Oct 1925.  Probate London 29 Dec 1925 to Catherine Burnett, widow, John Nicholson Burnett, butcher and George Henry Harrison, company registrar.








Emily Maud Margaret Burnett of The Red House, Saltburn-to-the-Sea, Yorkshire, (wife of Ernest Joseph Burnett), died 24 Nov 1926. Probate London 24 Feb 1927 to the said Ernest Joseph Burnett, doctor of medicine, Katherine Elizabeth Brownless, spinster and Philip Henry Monk, solicitor.


Mary Burnett of 145 Borough Road, Middlesbrough, spinster, died 11 Jan 1923

Administration (limited) London 9 Jun 1927 to James William Lodge, solicitor, the attorney of Elizabeth Drysdale Forsyth, widow and Jane Nichol Burnett, Barbara Mackay Burnett and Jane Wishart Robb Burnett, spinsters.  Grant S.C. sealed London, 2 May 1923


Simon Burnett of Preston-under-Scar, Leyburn, Yorkshire, died 23 Apr 1927. Probate London, 6 Jul 1927 to William Burnett and Fred Burnett, farmers.


William Burnett of 9 Carlyle Street, Mexborough, Yorkshire, died 25 Aug 1927 at Denaby, Yorkshire. Probate Wakefield, 14 Sep 1927 to Maria Burnett, widow and Henry Vernon, retired grocer.




Frances Elizabeth Burnett of “Glenthorne”, Thorne Road, Doncaster (wife of Harry Wright Burnett), died 19 Nov 1927. Probate London, 3 May 1928, to the said Harry Wright Burnett, wagon builder and Frank Wilberforce Bridge, solicitor.


Hannah Burnett of 47 Falsgrove Rd. Scarborough, spinster, died 12 Nov 1928 at 18 Dean Rd. Scarborough.  Probate Norwich 5 Dec 1928 to Philip Burnett, farmer, and James Morgan Burnett, laundry proprietor.  


John Burnett of 12 Margaret Street, North Ormesby, Middlesbrough, died 3 Mar 1928, at 143 Denton Street, Carlisle. Probate Carlisle to Catherine Burnett, widow. arry Burnitt of 23 Lansdowne Road, West Hartlepool, died 2 Dec 1927. Administration Durham 16 Jan 1928 to Florence May Burnitt, widow.


Leda Burnitt of Canal Bank, Knottingley, Yorkshire, spinster, died 12 May 1928. Probate Wakefireld 23 Jun 1928 to Mary Miriam Burnitt, spinster.




Charles Burnett of 11 Ripley Terrace, Stanningley, Yorkshire, died 6 Nov 1929. Probate Wakefield 25 Nov 1929 to James Burnett, civil servant.


Elizabeth Burnett of 20 Washington Street, Kingston-upon-Hull, widow, died 19 Mar 1929. Probate York 17 May 1929 to Harold Burnett, cashier.


Ernest William Burnett of 92 Paley Road, Bradford, died 27 Apr 1929 at Bierley Hall Hospital, Bierley Hall, Bradford. Probate London 31 May 1929 to Harold Clough, merchant.


John Robert Burnett of Bon Accord House, Hedon Road, Kingston-upon-Hull, died 27 Jan 1929. Administration York 27 Jun 1929 to Elsie Marguerite Burnett, widow, and Frederick Gordon Chambers, timber merchant.


Joseph Burnett of 30 Langham Street, New Wortley, Leeds, died 20 Aug 1916.

Administration (with will) London 2 Sep 1929 to Sarah Ellen Pearson (wife of James Pearson).


Lilian Burnett of 31 Street Lane, Leeds (wife of Henry Burnett), died 26 May 1929. Administration Wakefield 19 Nov 1929 to the said Henry Burnett, wallpaper dealer.  


Mary Burnett of The Bridge, Rossington, near Doncaster, Yorkshire, widow, died 28 Dec 1928. Probate London 12 Apr 1929 to Harry Wright Burnett, managing director, and John James Burnett, director.


Robert Burnett of 19 Borough Road West, Middlesbrough, died 30 Nov 1929. Probate York 23 Dec 1929 to Sarah Burnett, widow. 


Sarah Elizabeth Burnett of 17 York Place, Scarborough, spinster, died 22 Jul 1929.

Administration York 10 Aug 1929 to Joseph Burnett, poultry keeper and Rachel Ellen Burnett, spinster.




Allan Burnett of 11 Cleckheaton Road, Odsal, Bradford, died 20 Jan 1930. Administration London 13 Mar 1930 to Alice Burnett, widow, and Annie Louisa Ormondroyd (wife of Percy Ormondroyd).


Annie Burnett of 132 Blenheim Road, Barnsley, Yorkshire, spinster, died 11 Mar 1930. Probate London 26 Apr 1930 to Mabel Frances Burnett and Bertha Mason, spinsters.


Catherine Hannah Burnett of 87 Havelock Street, Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, widow, died 10 Dec 1929. Probate London 15 Feb 1930 to Fred Burnett, strap maker, Robert Perkins, general dealer and Harry Perkins, leather currier.


Janet Burnett of Kirbymoorside, Yorkshire (wife of John Burnett), died 5 Mar 1930. Administration York 6 Dec 1930 to the said John Burnett, chemist.


Mary Ann Burnett of 72 Mileshill Crescent, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, widow, died 8 Jan 1930. Probate London 8 Feb 1930 to James Arthur Priestley, estate agent and Walter Mills, commission agent.


Sarah Burnett of 19 Borough Road West, Middlesbrough, widow, died 18 Sep 1930. Probate York 16 Oct 1930 to Edgar Nicholson Burnett, rating and valuation officer and John Mortimer Goundry, solicitor.


Stead Burnett of 44 Crossley Lane, Mirfield, Yorkshire, died 13 Mar 1930. Probate Wakefield 12 Apr 1930 to Emma Burnett, widow, Thomas Edward Burnett, farmer and Kathleen Ledgard (wife of William Edward Ledgard).


Tillotson Burnett of 6 Esholt Lane, Baildon, Yorkshire, died 24 Jun 1930 at the Royal Infirmary, Bradford. Probate Wakefield 15 Jul 1930 to Elizabeth Burnett, widow.




Alice Lucy Esther Burnett of 16 West View, Barnsley, Yorkshire, widow, died 26 dec 1930. Probate Wakefield 17 Jun 1931 to Arthur Melrose Burnett, paper merchant and Mabel Frances Burnett and Dorothy Winifred Burnett, spinsters.


Elizabeth Burnett of Cliff Street, Whitby, widow, died 19 Mar 1931 at Selby, Yorkshire. Administration York 15 Jun 1931 to Ada Maria Harland (wife of William Joseph Harland).


Emma Burnett of 10 Ashfield Grove, North Shields, Northumberland, widow, died 13 Dec 1930. Probate Durham 2 Feb 1931 to John William Ward, engineer. ma Burnett of Springwell View, Birstall, Yorkshire (wife of Stephen Burnett), died 9 Oct 1931. Administration Wakefield 24 Nov 1932 to the said Stephen Burnett, miner.


Jane Burnett of Wass House, Wass, Coxwold, Yorkshire, widow, died 15 Mar 1931.  Probate London 16 May 1931 to Henry Burnett, wire worker, and Jane Burnett, Bertha Burnett and Barbara Jane Burnett, spinsters. 


John Sutton Burnett** of 30 Treherne Road, Jesmond, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, died 21 Nov 1930. Probate Newcastle-upon-Tyne 15 Jun 1931 to Eleanor Frances Burnett, widow and Alan Broderick Thompson, solicitor.


Mary Burnett of Croft Cottage, Bursall, Skipton in Craven, Yorkshire, spinster, died 15 Sep 1931 at the Skipton and District Hospital, Skipton in Craven. Probate London 12 Oct 1931 to Frederick Miers, retired manufacturer, and Ellen Miers (wife of the said Frederick Miers). 


Robert Burnett of Grove Farm, Meanwood, Leeds, died 5 Nov 1930. Administration Wakefield 14 Mar 1931 to Susan Burnett, widow.


Rose Annie Burnett of Moorcroft Cottage, School Green Lane, Fulwood, Sheffield (wife of Albert George Burnett), died 1 Feb 1931 at 36 and 38 Broomhall Place, Sheffield.  Administration London 18 Apr 1931 to the said Albert George Burnett, coal factor.


Walter Burnett of Holywell House, Shadwell, Leeds, died 14 Jun 1931.  Probate London 14 Aug 1931 to Walter Burnett, assistant manager and Tom Smith, locomotive fireman.


Christina Burnett of Maunby near Thirsk, Yorkshire (wife of Thomas Arthur Burnett), died 20 Feb 1932. Probate York 29 Apr 1932 to the said Thomas Arthur Burnett, gentleman.


Ethel Annie Burnett of 25 Burngreave Street, Sheffield (wife of Thomas Arthur Burnett), died 17 Aug 1932. Administration London 7 Oct 1932 to the said Thomas Arthur Burnett, railway foreman.


Grace Burnett of Whitby (wife of Robert Burnett), died 2 Mar 1926. Probate York 25 Jan 1932 to  John Hassell Burnett and Newton Burnett, farmers and Robert Burnett, dairyman.


Robert Burnett of 28 Falcon Tce, Meadowfield Park, Whitby, died 11 Dec 1931.  Probate York 26 Jan 1932 to John Hassell Burnett and Newton Burnett, farmers.




Amelia Burnett of 2 Croft Avenue, South Shields (wife of John Burnett), died 12 Nov 1932. Administration Durham 20 Feb 1933 to the said John Burnett, police constable.


Catherine Burnett of 48 Newcomen Street, Coatham, Redcar, Yorkshire, widow, died 22 May 1933. Probate London 16 Sep 1933 to John Nicholson Burnett, butcher and George Henry Harrison, sale’s manager.


Robert Burnett of 138 Bishopthorpe  Road, York, died 8 Jun 1933 at Fairfield Sanatorium near York. Administration York 29 Jun 1933 to Annie Elizabeth Burnett, widow. 


Robert Henry Burnett of 55 Gordon Street, Scarborough, died 16 Jul 1929. Administration York 16 Mar 1933 to Alice Burnett, widow.  


Elizabeth Burnett of 12 Kiln Street, Belston Hill, Leeds, widow, died 28 Oct 1933 at St Mary’s Hospital, Greenhill Road, Bramley, Leeds. Probate London 18 Nov 1933 to Tom Burnett, brass finisher and John William Payne, retired boiler maker. 




Ann Burnett of 3 Co-operative Buildings, Raikes Lane, Birstall, Yorkshire (wife of Joseph Burnett), died 16 Feb 1934.  Administration Wakefield 12 Mar 1934 to the said Joseph Burnett, labourer.


Elizabeth Burnett of 28 Ure Bank, Ripon, widow, died 29 Jan 1934. Administration (with will) London 2 May 1934 to Elizabeth Augustine Burnett, widow.


George Burnett of 1 Dragon Cottages, Harrogate, died 7 Nov 1919. Administration (with will) London 31 May 1934 to Elizabeth Augustine Burnett, widow.


George Arthur Burnett of 28 Ure Bank, Ripon, died 25 Mar 1934. Administration London 14 Apr 1934 to Elizabeth Augustine Burnett, widow.


Jane Burnett of 13 Princess Road, Ripon, widow, died 29 Sep 1934. Probate London 22 Oct 1934 to Robert Boynton, railway guard and Alice Ellis Lupton (wife of Blakey Lupton).


Jesse Burnett of Maison de Dieu, Beverley, Yorkshire, died 29 Sep 1934 at 41 Woodlands, Beverley.  Probate York 17 Mar 1934 to Walter Burnett, caterer and Edith Kruger (wife of Kenneth Kruger).




Jemima Walker Burnett of 12 Woodbine Terrace, Halifax, widow, died 20 Oct 1935.  Probate London 4 Nov 1935 to Sarah Glover, widow.




Albert George Burnett of Moorcroft Cottage, School Green Lane, Fulwood, Sheffield, died 4 May 1936. Probate London 27 Aug 1936 to Gladys May Boyd (wife of James Jack Boyd) and Henry Reginald Vickers, solicitor.


Anne Burnett of 14 The Hospital, Waddington, Yorkshire, widow, died 3 May 1936. Probate London 10 Oct 1936 to Ethel Esther Hughes, spinster.


John Burnett of Goathland, Yorkshire, died 5 Nov 1935 at the Belmont Nursing Home, Leeds. Probate York 14 Feb 1936 to Edward Marsh Chapman, pharmaceutical chemist and Arthur Kitching, solicitor.


William Burnett of 12 Douglas Street, Middlesbrough, died 21 Apr 1936.  Probate London 22 Jun 1936 to William Stitt, driller.  




Ada Burnett of 1 Barton Row, Egton, Yorkshire, (wife of Robert Burnett), died 14 Dec 1936.  Administration London 11 Mar 1937 to the said Robert Burnett, roadman.


Alice Burnett of 38 Reevy Road, Wibsey,  Bradford (wife of Joshua Burnett), died 1 Jun 1937.  Probate London 22 Jul 1937 to the said Joshua Burnett, retired boot and shoe maker.


Edgar Burnett of 29 Angle Street, Middlesbrough, died 21 Mar 1937.  Administration London 14 May 1937 to Frances Burnett (wife of Alfred Burnett).


Edith Burnett of Ravenscroft, Ravensthorpe Road, Thorhill Lees, Dewsbury, Yorkshire (wife of Fred Burnett), died 2 Jul 1937 at The General Infirmary, Dewsbury. Probate London 16 Aug 1937 to the said Fred Burnett, strap maker.


Flora Henrietta Burnett otherwise Flora Priscilla Henrietta, of 1 Platt Street, Liversedge, Yorkshire, widow, died 17 Aug 1937.  Probate Wakefield 29 Sep 1937 to Mary Elizabeth Agnes Burnett, spinster and Samuel Burnett, insurance clerk.


George Burnett of Oak Dene, Nook Road, Arthursdale, Scholes near Leeds, died 9 Jul 1937.  Probate Wakefield 17 Sep 1937 to Mary Burnett, widow.


George Frederick Burnett of 168 Easterly Road, Leeds, died 10 Aug 1937 at St. James’ Hospital, Leeds.  Probate London 27 Sep 1937 to Elizabeth Jane Burnett, widow.


Hannah Burnett of 5 Clark Street, Scarborough, spinster, died 23 Jan 1937.  Probate York 6 Feb 1937 to John Percival Medley, solicitor.


Jane Ann Burnett of 16 Low Saint Agnesgate, Ripon, spinster, died 26 May 1937.  Probate London 7 Jul 1937 to William Burnett, retired platelayer and Christopher Burnett, retired railway porter.


John Robert Burnett of 28 Woodbine Road, Fartown, Huddersfield, died 30 Dec 1936.  Administration London 15 Apr 1937 to Emma Burnett, widow. 


Joseph Burnett of Wood View, Highfield Drive, Birstall, near Leeds, died 27 Feb 1937. Probate Wakefield 5 Apr 1937 to Colin Burnett, draper.


Joseph Burnett of 2 The Avenue, Halifax Road, Staincliffe, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, died 10 Jun 1937 at the Batley and District Hospital, Batley, Yorkshire.  Administration (limited) Wakefield 14 Jul 1937 to John Blackburn, registered accountant and Edith Blackburn (wife of the said John Blackburn).


Rose Annie Burnett of Moorcroft Cottage, School Green Lane, Fulwood, Sheffield (wife of Albert George Burnett), died 1 Feb 1931 at Sister Trevethick’s Nursing Home, Broomhall Place, Sheffield.  Administration London 1 Mar 1937 to Gladys May Boyd (wife of James Jack Boyd). Former grant P.R. April 1931.


Stephen Burnett of 5 Gladstone Terrace, Stanningley, Leeds, died 7 Aug 1937 at the Infirmary, Leeds. Probate London 8 Sep 1937 to Mary Burnett, widow and Mary Ann Burnett, spinster.




Alfred Christopher Burnett of 156 Osborne Road, Sheffield, died 4 Feb 1938.  Probate London 7 Jun 1938 to Alfred George Burnett and Albert Christopher Burnett, directors of limited compan, and Edith Marianne Needham (wife of John Hornbrook Needham).


Annie Louisa Burnett of 14 Birch Avenue, Halton, Leeds, widow, died 17 Jan 1938.  Probate Wakefield 9 Feb 1938 to Edgar Skinn, verger.


Edward Dawson Burnett of 21 Broomfield Road, Headingley, Leeds, died 9 May 1938.  Probate Wakefield 29 Aug 1938 to Mary Jane Burnett and Margaret Burnett, spinsters.


Elizabeth Burnett of the Yorkshire Home, Cornwall Road, Harrogate, spinster, died 28 Dec 1937.  Probate London 22 Feb 1938 to Frederick Miers, retired wholesale clothier and Ellen Miers (wife of the said Frederick Miers).


Frederick William Burnett of 17 St. Helens Lane, Adel, Leeds, died 9 Oct 1938.  Probate London 10 Dec 1938 to Mary Lyon Denniston Burnett, widowGwnith Evelyn Denniston Cocks (wife of Edward Walter Maynard Cocks), Percy Pemberton and Bertram Mortimer, incorporated accountants. 


Hilda Burnett of 58 Orwell Street, Middlesbrough, spinster, died 7 Sep 1938 at the Carter Bequest Hospital, Middlesbrough.  Administration (with will) London 5 Oct 1938 to Margaret Ann Burnett (wife of John William Burnett).


John Burnett of 7 Dalton Avenue, Beeston, Leeds, died 4 May 1938.  Administration  London 12 Aug 1938 to Ann Louisa Burnett, widow.


Mary Burnett of Myrtle Cottage, Salt Pan Well Steps, Whitby, widow, died 28 Jul 1937.  Administration York 3 Mar 1938 to Halder Burnett, farmer. 


Mary Burnett of 5 Gladstone Terrace, Stanningley, Leeds, widow, died 14 Nov 1938 at the General Infirmary, Leeds.  Probate London 12 Dec 1938 to Mary Ann Burnett, spinster.




Charles Burnett of Mount Brook, Rawdon, near Leeds, died 11 Jul 1939 at 22 Clarendon Road, Leeds.  Probate Wakefield 4 Aug 1939 to Ewart Firth, incorporated accountant and Bertie Frederick James Tills, commercial clerk.


Edward Burnett of 20 Berkeley Terrace, Harehills lane, Leeds, died 15 Oct 1939 at St James Hospital, Leeds.  Administration London 30 Oct 1939 to Alice Burnett, widow.


Henry Burnett of Holyhurst, Main Street, Shadwell, Leeds, died 23 Feb 1939. Probate Wakefield 3 Oct 1939 to Amy Burnett, widow. 


Robert Burnett of Bilbrough, Yorkshire, died 30 Apr 1939.  Probate York 5 Jun 1939 to Edwin Mosey, farmer and Edith Lovell (wife of Harry Lovell). 


Sarah Mary Burnett of 3 Ducie Street, Leeds, widow, died 17 Jan 1939 at Brunswick Row, Aberford, Yorkshire. Administration Wakefield 16 Oct 1939 to Sarah Elizabeth Walker (wife of George Walker) and Elsie Bailey (wife of John Thomas Bailey). 




Henry King Burnett of 9 Selborne Villas, Manningham, Bradford, died 3 Aug 1940.

Probate Llandudno 28 Oct 1940 to Robert Cecil Maud, solicitor, Willie Benson, chartered accountant and Jessie May Burnett, widow. 


Clifford Roberts Burnett of The Scarborough Hotel, Armley Road, Leeds, died 20 Jul 1940.  Probate Wakefield 28 Oct 1940 to Doris Burnett, widow. 


Harry Burnett of 25 Bideford Avenue, Street Lane, Leeds, died 29 Mar 1940 at 70 Prospect Road, Scarborough. Administration Wakefield 20 May 1940 to Elsie Maynard Smith (wife of Harry Mason Smith). 


Susan Burnett of Grove Farm, Meanwood, Leeds, widow, died 15 Apr 1940. Probate Wakefield 14 May 1940 to Robert William Burnett, farmer and Ida Mary Rockliff, single woman.


Rev. Thomas Mountford Burnett of Settrington, Yorkshire, clerk, died 17 Feb 1940.  Probate London 8 May 1940 to Lucy Dorothea Burnett, widow. 




Charles Burnett of 3 Cartwright Lane, Beverley, Yorkshire, died 11 Dec 1940. Administration York 20 Feb 1941 to Mary Frances Hannah Burnett, widow and Marjorie Elizabeth Fox (wife of John Fox). 


Charles Pratley Burnett of Post Office Road, Womersley, Yorkshire, died 26 Feb 1941. Administration Llandudno 31 Mar 1941 to Thomas Burnett, retired grocer.   


Edwin Burnett of 323 Easterly Road, Leeds, died 21 Feb 1941. Probate Llandudno 15 May 1941 to Winifred Joyce Burnett and Dorothy Burnett, spinsters.


George Henry Burnett of 6 Lake Drive, Kingston upon Hull, died 12 May 1941 at Seacroft Emergency Hospital, Leeds. Administration York 10 Jul 1941 to Florence Annie Burnett, widow. 


Mary Burnett of Oak Dene, Nook Road, Arthursdale, Scholes, Leeds, widow, died 22 Oct 1940. Probate Wakefield 19 Mar 1941 to Sarah Emily Porter (wife of James Dodgson Porter) and godfrey Lupton Richardson Whitelock, solicitor. 

Robert Burnett of Barton Row, Egton , Yorkshire, died 14 Jul 1941.  Probate Llandudno 8 Dec 1941 to Arthur Dawson, agricultural smith. 

Tom Burnett of 13 Parkfield Mount, Beeston, Leeds, died 2 Jul 1940 at The General Infirmary, Leeds.  Administration Llandudno 30 Jan 1941 to Ethel Burnett, widow.

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