Wills & Administrations 1688 - 1858

Extracts from indexes at York District Probate Registry.


These extracts were taken from microfilm copies of manuscript and typescript indexes held at the Borthwick Institute of Historical Research in the City of York. Because some entries in the indexes were unreadable on the microfilm this may not be a complete list. The microfilms are also available from the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) and their film numbers are given. These indexes refer to wills which were proved in the Prerogative, Exchequer or Chancery Court. However, some of them were actually filed in a different court and users are warned that these wills may be difficult to find.  The vol(ume) and folio numbers given refer to registered copy wills held at the Borthwick Institute. Copy wills are also available on microfilm from the LDS Family History Library. I have made transcripts of many of these wills and admons Send e-mail for details.


1688 - 1714                            LDS film: FHL0099445       (gaps 1690 – 1698; 1699 – 1705)


1688 – 1690                                                                     vol.    folio

BURNET, Jone [sic]               East Harlsey                     61      293

BURNET, Grace                     Otley                                61      335

BURNET, Eliza                       East Harlsey                    61    ----- [child]


1698 – 1710



1710 – 1711                                                                    vol     folio

BURNETT, Jo:                        Champion                       67     325

BURNETT, Robt.                    Woodhouse Lane            67     371


1712 – 1713                                                                    vol     folio

BURNETT, Eliz.                     Whitehouses                   68     89


1713 – 1714                                                                    vol     folio

BURNETT, Thos                    Catton                              69     325



1713 - 1741                            LDS film: FHL0099446      

                                               (1713 – 1714 repeat   film FHL0099445)


1714 – 1716                                                                     vol     folio

BURNET, Anthony                 Sand Hutton, Thirsk        70      107


1716 – 1719


[Letters A & B missing from Index for 1717-1718]


1719 – 1720                                                                   vol     folio

BURNITT, Joshua                  Wakefield                      74       141


1721 – 1724



1724 – 1725                                                                   vol     folio

BURNETT, Thos.                   Ripon                             78     ..?..

BURNETT, Robt.                    Husthwaite                    78     ..?..


1725 –1730



1730 – 1731                                                                   vol     folio

BURNET, John                       Raskelf                           81    554

BURNET, Ann                        Beverley                         81    720


Gaps in the above indexes for the period 1688 – 1731 were covered by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) who produced indexes for missing years from Calendars of Probate Act Books. Separate Act Books were kept for the Prerogative and Exchequer Courts of York.  The following are extracts from these additional indexes - the letter “A” indicates an administration, the letter “W” indicates a will.  The date given was the date of probate.


1688 - 1731                            LDS film: FHL0908171       Exchequer Court of York

                                                               LDS film: FHL0873931


BURNETT, Anna [wid]           Huttons Ambo               17 Oct 1706    A    [alias BURNAND]

BURNETT, Elizabeth              East Harlsey                   22 Dec 1690   W

BURNETT, Grace                   Otley                               16 Oct 1690    W *

BURNETT, John                     Beverley                         23 Sep 1691    W

BURNETT, John                     Ecclesfield                      26 Feb 1699    A

BURNETT, John                     Catton                             09 Feb 1701    W

BURNETT, Jonah                   East Harlsey                   19 Jul 1690      W *

BURNETT, Jonas                   Durcar (Sandal Magna)  10 Jun 1703     W 

BURNETT, Joseph                  Sandal                            16 Dec 1696    A

* These entries refer to the same probate records as listed in the index for 1688 – 1690 above.
Note that there were no BURNET(T) or BURNIT(T) entries for the period 1707-1731 inclusive


1688 – 1731                           LDS film: FHL0990061        Prerogative Court of York


BURNETT, Christopher           Northallerton                 05 May 1690     A   

BURNETT, George                 Eryholme (Gilling)         10 Apr 1723      A

BURNETT, Robert                  Husthwaite                     15 Jan 1725/26  W



From 1731 the  indexes to probate records at York District Registry are complete. They indicate the year and month of probate and give more detailed information about the type of document and the value of the ‘estate’.  In the following extracts the letter “A” indicates an administration, otherwise the document was a will.  The letters “W & C” after an entry indicates a will with a codicil.  The value of the estate has been omitted.


1731 - 1741                            LDS film: FHL0099446   


BURNETT, William                Winsley                         Dec 1731        A

BURNETT, Mary                    City of York                   May 1733       A

BURNETT, Dorothy               Hurworth [DUR]           Jun 1733

BURNETT, George                 Leeds                             Aug 1738

BURNET, William                  Easingwold                    May 1739

BURNETT, John                     Levisham                       Oct 1739         A



1741 - 1770                            LDS film: FHL0099447


BURNITT, John                      Raskelf                           Jan 1743         A

BURNET, James                     Yeadon (Guisley)           July 1744 

BURNET, Robert                    Leeds                              July 1745        A

BURNETT, Margt.                  New Malton                   May 1746       A

BURNET, Mary                      Kirton in Linsey [LIN]   Nov 1752       A

BURNETT, Robert                  Heath, Warmfield           July 1760 

BURNET, William                  Dringhouses, York         July 1762        A

BURNETT, Elizabeth (wid)    Dringhouses                   Dec 1764        A

BURNETT, George                 Ovingham [NBL]           Jan 1767 

BURNETT, Michael                Wakefield                      Mar 1770        A 



1771 - 1799                            LDS film: FHL0099448


BURNETT, Thomas                Leeds                             Jun 1772

BURNETT, Robert                  Husthwaite                    Oct 1772

BURNETT, Thomas                City of York                  Mar 1775        A

BURNETT, Sarah  (widow)   Leeds                             Dec 1775

BURNETT, John                     Guisley                          Mar 1776

BURNETT, John (gent.)          Guisley.                         Sep 1776

BURNETT, Thomas                Tockwith, Bilton            Sep 1778

BURNETT, William                Wath                              Jun 1780         A [will annexed]

BURNETT, Joshua                 Leeds                             Jul 1781          A [will annexed]

BURNETT, Thomas                Warmfield                     Sep 1786        A

BURNETT, John                     Hood Hole, Ripon         Jul 1790

BURNETT, Mary (spinster)   Levisham                       Jun 1793         A

BURNETT, Rev. George         Elland, Halifax              Jul 1793

BURNETT, Benjamin             West Ardsley                 Apr 1795        A

BURNETT, Thomas                Byram                           Apr 1799



1800 - 1819                            LDS film: FHL0099449


BURNETT, Rebecca (spr)       Warmfield                     Feb 1801        A

BURNETT, Hannah                Warmfield                     Aug 1801

BURNETT, Rebecca (spr)       Warmfield                     Dec 1801

BURNETT, William                Easingwold                   Apr 1803       

BURNETT, Edward                Lancaster                       Jan 1804         A

BURNETT, Ellen                    Broadfields, Ripon        Oct 1804

BURNETT, Thomas                Broadfields, Ripon        Jan 1806

BURNETT, James                   Hull                               Jan 1808

BURNETT, Hannah (widow)  Thormanby                    Mar 1808       

BURNETT, Thomas                Bondgate, Ripon           Feb 1809        A

BURNETT, Mary                    Bondgate, Ripon            Feb 1809        A

BURNETT, Isaac                    Bondgate, Ripon            Feb 1809        A [will annexed]

BURNETT, James                   Sledmere                        Jul 1809

BURNETT, Robert                  Fawdington, Cundall     Mar 1813

BURNETT, Thomas                Husthwaite                    May 1814       A

BURNETT, Thomas                Bishop Monkton            Mar 1815

BURNETT, William                Ripon                             Oct 1817        W & C

BURNETT, Joseph                 Farnley, Leeds                Feb 1818        A



1819 - 1830                            LDS film: FHL0099450


BURNETT, Ann (spinster)      Otley                             Jul 1819          A

BURNETT, Anthony              Littlethorpe, Ripon        Dec 1819

BURNETT, John                     Thormanby                    Dec 1821

BURNETT, John                     Ingham [LIN]                Apr 1823

BURNETT, Edward                South Kirkby                 Jul 1824

BURNETT, Rebecca,              Hull                                Feb 1826        (wife of  Benjamin Esq)

BURNETT, Robert                  Newton upon Ouse        Mar 1827

BURNETT, William                Knottingley                    May 1827

BURNETT, Agnes                  Halifax                            May 1829

BURNETT, John                     Drighlington, Birstal      Jun 1829         A

BURNETT, Thomas                Drighlington, Birstal      Jun 1830         A



1830 - 1842                            LDS film: FHL0099451


BURNETT, William                Whitby                           Jun 1832         A

BURNETT, Ann (spinster)      Silsden, Kildwick          Apr 1836         A

BURNETT, Philip                   Kirby Misperton            Oct 1838

BURNETT, Betty                    Halifax                           Jul 1841          A  (wife of Stephen)

BURNETT, Ann (spinster)      Langton Hall                 Apr 1842

BURNETT, Henry                  Halifax                            Jun 1842         A



1842 - 1851                            LDS film: FHL0099452


BURNITT, John                      Knottingley                    Jun 1845

BURNETT, Robert                  Scalby                            Mar 1846

BURNETT, Mary                    City of York                   Apr 1849

BURNETT, James                   Kirkheaton                     Oct 1850



1851 - 1858                            LDS film: FHL0099453


BURNETT, Joseph (bachelr)   Kirkby Overblow          Mar 1852        A

BURNETT, William                Craike                            Apr 1852

BURNETT, Robert                  Thorpe Lodge, Ripon    Jun 1853

BURNETT, James                   Wetwang                        Sep 1854        A

BURNETT, Edward                Ripley                            Jul 1855

BURNETT, Richard                Thorner                          Sep 1855        A

BURNETT, Stephen                City of York                   Jan 1857        W & C

BURNETT, Rev. Alfred          City of York                   Feb 1857

BURNETT, Carmi                   Thorner                          Jun 1857




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