GRO Index of Deaths

No distinction was made between BURNET and BURNETT when compiling these lists but entries with the ....ITT ending are so indicated. Entries are in alphabetical order by forename. The lists were originally compiled from microfilm copies of GRO indexes but since then any doubtful names or reference numbers have been cross checked against indexes on the “FreeBMD” website.  Hopefully the lists are now error free, however, the onus is on users to check for themselves and no responsibility can be accepted for certificates ordered in error. Entries for Stockton, Co. Durham, have been included, up to and including the 3rd quarter 1875, because this registration district covered some places in North Yorkshire up to 1 Oct 1875. Entries for Darlington, Co. Durham have been included throughout - this registration district also covered some places in North Yorkshire.

 1837-1859       1860-1879       1880-1889       1890-1900

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