Conditions of use of transcribed material on the YORKSBURNETT website

My aim in making this information available is to provide a free resource for the personal use of fellow researchers who have an interest in the surname BURNETT in Yorkshire. Many hours of work have gone into extracting and transcribing the information and the main condition which I place upon its use is that it should not be used for any commercial purpose. The information is held in a database which I compiled and which is covered by 1997 Database Regulations.  Users may not:
         Copy data for commercial use
         Post data from this site to another site without permission.
         Incorporate data from this site into another website without permission

If data from this site is passed on to a third party [free of course!], the URL of this site must be quoted so that the person is made aware of the source of the data. If  extracts of information from this site are used the following should be included where appropriate [An extract is the smaller of 10% of the work or 150 words]:

This material has been transcribed by Bill Burnett, who has provided it on his website on condition that any further copying and/or distribution is allowed only for personal, non-commercial purposes, and includes this statement in its entirety.  Any reference to, or quotations from, this material should also credit the original author{s} or editors.

If you would like to provide a link to my website from your own please do, but let me know so that I can update you with any change of URL.

This page is based on a more detailed page placed in the “Public Domain” by Colin Hinson on the GENUKI web site.  If you are having problems similar to those he mentions, or you simply need a page to work from, then you are welcome to copy and modify this page for your own use on the Internet.  The only condition of use for this is that you include this paragraph.


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